Friday, December 2, 2011

Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project

3 December 2011

Novena, Singapore

Hey Saturday!

21 hours ago in my facebook account (, i posted this one great video. I was actually browsing for some other videos in Youtube but i was intrigued about the title of the vid so I tried to open it immediately.

In 4 minutes, tears fell from my eyes and apparently, i remembered my first Christmas here in Singapore without my family around me. It's definitely sad and you will really feel how lonely it is to be away from them. The feeling that you're working on Christmas day and you finished work around 10:30 in the evening, just like the usual Noche Buena in the Philippines.I remembered before, I was calling mom and would just greet her through phone and I can't help but always wish that hopefully, we will be together again next Christmas.

Coke Christmas Tree in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Actually, the ad that I am referring to is the new Ad from Coca-Cola. The title is, Where will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project. More than just being a beverage company, I was inspired by COKE because i seldom see some companies doing the same kinds of deeds for others especially for our OFWs. It's an admirable act, a true work for their corporate social responsibility. In the said video, three workers overseas were given the opportunity to see their loved ones in the Philippines, just in time for the yuletide season. It's really heart-warming, touching and very sentimental. I can really relate because I was alone and away from my mom as well for a year when I started my fashion internship here in SG. I know how difficult life is being far from them. I was touched by the story of a dad who was not able to take care of his son since he was one year old because the father need to go and work abroad.

I guess this an advocacy that we should support and we should be proud of. More than just a thirst-quencher and being our Star in Noche Buena, (Filipino Christmas won't be complete without Coke) it has paved the way to gather and unify all Filipinos worldwide. It might just be a simple ad but it means a lot and it has given us the true significance of Family and Christmas. I am happy that in my own simple way, I was one of the first to share the video to my friends in Facebook. I received a lot of positive responses and it's overwhelming.

Kudos COKE and continue to TOUCH more LIVES! LIVE POSITIVELY

Here's The Touching Video :



Tuesday, November 15, 2011


if you tell me something about your life,you are interesting

if you tell me something about science,you are well-educated

if you tell me something about culture,you are sophisticated

if you tell me something about sports,you are sporty

if you tell me something about humour, you are funny

if you tell me something about different places,you are cosmopolitan

if you tell me something about different people,you are sociable

if you tellme something nice,you are charming

if you tell me your feelings,you are authenticand

if you show me your feelings,you are mine!u c me, so i wanna see u!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Love of Siam 2

It's 4:21 here in Singapore and guess what? I just finished watching Love of Siam for nth time! I'm definitely a big fan of Tong and Mew. And guys, I guess it's time for us to ask for Love of Siam Part 2? I'm one of the avid fans of this team-up. I hope to see both great actors in silver screen soon

As long as there is love, you still have hope.

For those who are in love and those want to feel what love is, here's a perfect song for you


taa bok waa pleng nee dtaeng hai ter ter ja cheua mai
man aat mai pror mai seung mai suay ngaam meuan pleng tua bpai
yaak hai roo waa pleng rak taa mai rak gor kian mai daai
dtae gap ter kon dee roo mai chan kian yaang ngaai … daai

ter kong koie dai-yin pleng rak maa nap roi pan
man aat ja dohn jai
dtae gor mee kwaam maai meuan-meuan gan dtae taa ter fang pleng nee
pleng tee kian peua ter tao nan
peua ter kao jai kwaam maai laew jai ja daai mee gan lae gan

hai man bpen pleng bon taang dern kiang tee ja mee piang siang ter gap chan
yoo duay gan dtraap naan-naan
dang nai jai kwaam bok nai ga-wee waa dtraap dai tee mee rak yom mee wang
keu took krang tee rak kong ter song jai chan mee bplaai taang

mee kwaam jing yoo nai kwaam rak dtang maak maai
lae tee paan maa chan chai way-laa peua haa kwaam maai
dtae mai naan gor perng roo meua took krang tee mee ter glai
waa taa chee-wit keu tam nong ter gor bpen dang kam rong tee pror lae seung jap jai

hai man bpen pleng bon taang dern kiang tee ja mee piang siang ter gap chan
yoo duay gan dtraap naan-naan
dang nai jai kwaam bok nai ga-wee waa dtraap dai tee mee rak yom mee wang
keu took krang tee rak kong ter song jai chan mee bplaai taang
mee taang dern hai rao dern kiang lae mee siang kong ter gap chan
mee taang dern hai rao dern ruam kiang lae mee siang kong ter gap chan


If I said that this song is made for you, would you believe it?
It’s probably not melodious, not affectionate, not beautiful like other songs.
I want you to know that if there’s no love, you can’t write a love song.
But for you, my dear, do you know? I wrote it easily.

You’ve probably heard hundreds and thousands of love songs
that’s probably impressive
but with a similar meaning altogether, but if you listen to this song,
a song that’s written simply for you.
For you to understand the meaning of it, our hearts will then have a connection.

Let it be a song on our pathways that consist only voices of you and me.
Together as long as possible.
As the meaning is told in a poetry that as long as there’s love naturally there’s hope.
Means whenever your love shines through the heart, I have a goal.

There is a lot of facts found in love,
and in the past I used the time for the sake of finding the meaning.
But soon, I’d just know it, whenever you are near me,
That if life’s a rhythm, you are as good as the words that is melodious and touching to the heart.

Let it be a song on our pathways that consist only voices of you and me.
Together as long as possible.
As the meaning is told in a poetry that as long as there’s love naturally there’s hope.
Means whenever your love shines through the heart, I have a goal.

There’s a pathway for us to walk side by side and there are voices of you and me.
There’s a pathway for us to walk side by side and there are voices of you and me.

Kob Kun Mak,

Smarky D

Monday, October 10, 2011


5:29 AM
Jalan Novena Barat
Novena Court SG

Woke up as early as 5. Well it's a usual routine I guess for someone like me working in 7 am shifts. Just posted something, for a change since my last post was from 2nd of September I think.

Well, it has been a month and after those sleepless nights, long hours of crying over the phone and buckets of tears I shed, I guess I've learned enough from my experiences. I really hope that the same thing or misfortune in the aspect of love won't happen again.Okay, Not trying to be too dramatic huh! :)

Sun is up, and sunrise is a great symbol of a new chapter, new beginning in life. Everyday, i'm starting something so indeed, every single day, I keep myself on trying to become the better person that I want to be.

My body's looking for a special cup of coffee. I'm always used drinking Coffee Pateurized Milk. Now, I badly need a roasted one. Lemme see later on!
Okay, So have a great and awesome Tuesday ahead!

Stay positive guys!

Smarky D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hugs and Kisses

Good Morning Singapore

6:23 AM
Grand Park Orchard Hotel
Topshop/Topman Knighstbridge

Good Morning Singapore! I can hear the loud sounds of birds chirping around the corner. Sippin' my Iced Milo from my fave McDonald's, I was an hour early for work. I'm hoping that today will be a sunny one, even though my sunshine walked away. I know in due time, things will be fine.. I'm just here when you are scared and i'm willing to hug you every single moment. I love you and I will love you forever. I sent you 7th sms and I hope, I can have your reply later. I miss you so much Teddy Bear :D

Baby Bear

Monday, August 29, 2011

Defining Happiness

30 August 2011
2:08 AM

JLN Novena Barat

Having a great conversation with a cab driver while heading your way home is definitely fun :) He was too friendly and shared a lot of things about Singapore :D I may not be a Singaporean but it seems that I was able to absorb the daily activities, the topics and all the things going around this nation. The housing, standard of living and so on are some of the most popular topics that people often discuss.

This blog post of mine is definitely a memorable one. It's for my 9th month here in SG :) I only have 3 months here and I'm really grateful that I was able to survive and surpass all the hindrances from the start. Thank God for everything!

Starting this blogpost right isn't quite easy actually. I am about quite doubting if I should share my thoughts here or not but It's just that at this point, my happiness is overflowing. I can't imagine that 29th of August will be far too special from what I expected to be a normal day. While blogging this, I would just like to share that I'm working 7 AM later on and I'm still up!

Why this day is so special for me? I think it is because this is the happiest day in my life. Cliche as it may sound but I just can't really explain how lucky I am to find someone who I can be happy with. It was 9 months back when I dedicated everything to work, work and work. I almost forgot that there is a need for me as well to give myself a break sometimes. Much as I wanted to elaborate it, I just want to express how I feel now, that how fairytales turned into realities. I may not be a fan of cartoons at all but it seems that our childhood desires are somehow becoming real but it's not really the exact thing that we often expect.Sometimes, it is a bit distinct but at the end of the day, what matters most is that we take the risks in making fantasies appear in the realm of true world and we are able to define happiness.

I'm running out of words now. I'm still speechless but I'm definitely grateful now.

See you in my next post.

Let's LOVE like there's no tomorrow!! :) what is important is NOW and Enjoying every moment of it.

Smarky D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sawadee Thailand

1:12 A.M.

JLN Barat

Good Morning Singapore! Good Morning Philippines!
I'm still up because I just want to post my great desire, to travel to Bangkok this October! After Skype sessions with Rochelle, chat thru Facebook with Mersha and Nang Pau, seems that all of us are ready to go Sawadee Thailand!!! We are soo excited!!! :)

See You Soon Thailand!
See you soon Mario Maurer

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Majulah Singapura! The National Day Parade 2011

11:43 PM
JLN Barat Novena Singapore

After the frenzy crowd, at last I'm here in my apartment.
The queue was pretty hilarious!!! I and girlfriends Kat and Pau need to walk and find our way to entrance and exit gates! The police is indeed strict so we need to abide with the rules. We're kinda' envious with their goodies, Majulah printed totes and umbrellas!!!!

Today was indeed a memorable day for all my friends and all the people here in Singapore.

9 August 2011 marks their 46th National Day, an annual event celebrated by Singaporeans.

Undeniably, NDP is one of the most anticipated events in Singapore's calendar since it recalls their independence, 46 years ago. From third to first world, Singapore is one of the robust economies in Asia. People from all folks and even tourists are celebrating with the S'poreans.

Red and White filled the entire atmosphere of the country today, almost all houses got their flags hanging outside their residences.

Red Shirts, White Balloons, Face Tattoos and all colors relevant to Singapore's National Day can be seen almost everywhere. Indeed it was a great day of showing pride and stability, of patriotism and unity. I must say that every single Singaporean must be proud that they are encompassed with a country considered to be one of the most developed and quoted to be the safest place in the world.

Well, I then remembered before I came here that even though you'll have your IPhone or Blackberry lost somewhere, for sure it will be returned promptly.

It simply shows that they are really disciplined and law-abiding individuals. They're passion for work and progress is really impressive.

Not only that, I really love the fact that the three races, Chinese, Malay and Indians are full force and united for one nationalistic cause! It means a lot! It's a convergence of culture and traditions but they were able to blend it into one perfect harmony!

Congratulations again for another spectacular showcase today! It was really amazing and unparalleled!!!

Majulah Singapura!!!
So shook lei!

Happy Birthday and More Birthdays to Come!!!!



p.s. : credits to owners of images via

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Asia's Ultimate Dreamboy

He's definitely the hottest guy today. Meet Mario Maurer.

I think I was a froshie university student when I first heard his name. By that time, I was undeniably attracted by his charisma. I remembered when I was really persistent to watch episodes/sequences of his film "Love of Siam" via Youtube together with Pchy! And I'm really in love with the name "TONG". Love of Siam is undeniably one of the best films ever. A story of love between two young individuals of the same gender, but it was the most decent film showing how two persons of the same sex expressed their love to each other.

He made another big comeback via Crazy Little Thing Called Love (CLTCL) as Shone. He gained more fans after portraying another great character in the movie. He's undeniably a versatile actor plus the fact that he's a model, so most probably, he is the Ultimate Dreamboy of Asia.

Being away from the Philippines, I almost get my updates thru Twitter and CLTCL is really a certified Trending Topic! I always wished that Mario would visit Singapore as well.

Few weeks ago, I read tweets that he is going to endorse a Top-Philippine Clothing Label- PENSHOPPE. He's the Second International Celebrity after Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl) to promote the brand. So Filipinos, prepare for giant Mario Maurer Billboards in Guadalupe and EDSA! It's definitely confirmed!

Mario Maurer inked the contract this July 2011 and he's about to invade Philippines in the coming weeks. Penshoppe is at its peak now and they have their best PR Girl, the brilliant Joyce A. Ramirez, Director of Publicity Asia. "MINIONS" are increasing in numbers and undeniably, Penshoppe is gaining worldwide publicity! Kudos to PR ASIA!!

Fans are very ecstatic to see Mario Maurer in Silver Screen! According to latest update via @publicityasia , he is about to star in a film of Star Cinema. Possible names to be his leading lady would be ABS-CBN's top female actresses: Kim Chiu, Erich Gonzales, Sarah Geronimo, Anne Curtis and Angel Locsin. Well, Kapamilyas, my top choices would be Kim, Erich and Sarah! How about yours?

and Erich has just trend worldwide, definitely a sign that she might be the next Mario Maurer love interest!!!

More Mario Maurer updates from , !

Mario Maurer Fever is ON!!!

He deserves to be called as Asia's Ultimate Dreamboy

Smarky D,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great Singapore Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Hey Singapore!
Tomorrow is Sunday and a lot of us will be busy strolling around and enjoy some retail therapy around Orchard Road or nearby. Tomorrow, 24th of July is the Last Day of GSS, Great Singapore Sale! Don't forgetto shop and enjoy the last 24 hours of GSS. Enjoy up to 70% off from some of your favorite high street and luxury brands!
Last day to enjoy special benefits and discounts using your Mastercard- GSS' Official Card
Hurry and Shop Now!
For more updates visit:
Don't forget to drop by and shop at Topshop-Topman Knightsbridge, now having their End Season Sale, up to 70% off plus additional lines! Love it!
Smarky, Singapore

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Unexpected Sojourn :)

10:48 PM
Jalan Novena Court, Novena Singapore

It has been three years since i posted my last blog in this site. My page was undeniably fragmented, (posts are not continuously managed), and I must admit that I'm not really a typical blogger. I am only one of those followers of famous names like Bryanboy and Susie Bubble in terms of fashion blogs. I always wished that hopefully, there will be a day that I could share my life to the world, to the nth number of individuals (how about billion people?) :)
Everyday, I would check out blogs and try to read all those being written there. Bloggers (in my viewpoint) are really oasis of social knowledge, providing up-to-date information, trends and events. They are influencing the minds and perceptions through their unparalleled thoughts and brilliant blog contexts. I must say that being a real/reel blogger status would be a difficult task for me to attain but well, I'm giving my best shot then.
Three years and my memory is kinda' vague? What has transpired during those years? Before I enjoyed the opportunity to be here in Singapore, I was once a struggling person back in the past. This blog won't be able to showcase all my experiences for those three years back when I was still an individual that was too far from what I am now.
It's not that I've changed a lot but I guess I have morphed into another persona. Once I was so simple, a man that has nothing but "ambitions" in his life. Yes, and I am emphasizing those ambitions because without those illusions and daydreaming, I won't be motivated to pursue what I desire. I'm too thankful because it's just that everything now seems not to be so true, I'm still in the transition part that I wasn't really able to grasp what's happening to me right now. Nevertheless, I am the most grateful person on earth because everything seems to go along with me. All those things and experiences paved the way for me to take another milestone and to give me the strength to begin my "Unexpected Sojourn."
I'm just taking my first few steps...
and the next steps?