Monday, January 16, 2012

Dream Big: The Singapore Internship in Nostalgia

Experience is the Best Teacher.

Cliché as it may sound but I guess it is true, it is for real. Being the last trainee to arrive in Singapore, I was intimidated and uncertain about everything. At the end of the day, being the last never made me the least, I was able to surmount everything. The next day after my arrival, I instantly started my work and during that time,Knightsbridge is still preparing for its grand opening. First day of work: exhausted, tired but fulfilled. Fulfilled because I was able to do the tasks and learned a lot during the first encounter. Days, weeks and months, things changed. If there is one thing that made me grateful, that was when I was designated by my shop manager to be Topman’s Visual Merchandiser.

At first I was afraid that I may not be able to accomplish my obligations: pick, style and change clothes for fifteen mannequins, do the daily visual merchandising and a lot more tasks. If there is one thing that I could be really proud of, that is, they trust a La Sallian Intern to be a part of their VM Team for their flagship store in Asia. My longevity and flexibility were challenged; I need to wake up by 5 AM because I need to report to by 7AM in the shop and finish my work after 8 PM. But I never complained, because for me, it’s a privilege to be trusted by my bosses, my mentors. My schedules for entire year, majority doing 7 AM shifts and there, I really learned how difficult working in the real world is, how valuable every single dime you earned is. My perspectives were changed when I was in SG. Being a senior student, I need to take care of our junior interns and to comfort them when they feel loneliness. Most probably, my gloomy childhood days helped me to become a more mature individual that’s why I became emotionally strong and really embraced what life has to offer. Language and cultural differences are major factors that we adjusted because we are dealing with different people, different nationalities and working with colleagues that are mostly locals. It’s a sense of fulfillment when you can serve the customer and he or she happily appreciates your service. Singapore, being one of the primary destinations for retail therapy, has uplifted its name in Customer Service categories.

In my entire stay, I really recognize that what you say will always reflect on the company’s image, so there is really a necessity to have product knowledge and the capacity to provide the information that customer needs to know. In my entire internship, I tried to maximize my full potentials. Being in the shop, I was given a lot of opportunities to improve myself, to build my self-esteem and to be able to improve and learn from my flaws. Being in school is a bit more convenient, although students usually complain about how tiring student life is. After a year of experience, I have a lot of realizations that help me hone as a person and I gained a lot of lessons that I will carry on in my future undertakings. It was an experience beyond expectations. As a simple student before, I never imagined that I will make it this far, that I will be able to attain the prime epitome of my life.

Before, I was just day-dreaming of choosing and styling clothes, but my SG experience made it all happen. I was able to work with some Filipino and International Celebrities, styled and choose clothes for them. Doing model-stores in different outlets also during wee hours in the morning, doing VM presentations to the company director and all the managers and company heads. As well as the chance to do presentations for the UK directors, it is very fulfilling to represent my shop and definitely, my university as a La Sallian. If there is one thing that I want to share, that would be the paradigm “Dream BIG”, dream and attain your goals. Believe that you can, and do something to make it possible. From a simple student before, now I was able to be recognized because of my fashion and styles. It is undeniably a great and wonderful experience. In my life, I never think that I will be able to do all of these, to be awarded for my efforts. Thank you to all those who helped us: the administration and teachers, my family, our mentors in Singapore, our colleagues and my clients and customers. They aided a lot in my development and they continue to motivate and bring out the best in me.


To God be the Glory!