Friday, December 2, 2011

Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project

3 December 2011

Novena, Singapore

Hey Saturday!

21 hours ago in my facebook account (, i posted this one great video. I was actually browsing for some other videos in Youtube but i was intrigued about the title of the vid so I tried to open it immediately.

In 4 minutes, tears fell from my eyes and apparently, i remembered my first Christmas here in Singapore without my family around me. It's definitely sad and you will really feel how lonely it is to be away from them. The feeling that you're working on Christmas day and you finished work around 10:30 in the evening, just like the usual Noche Buena in the Philippines.I remembered before, I was calling mom and would just greet her through phone and I can't help but always wish that hopefully, we will be together again next Christmas.

Coke Christmas Tree in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Actually, the ad that I am referring to is the new Ad from Coca-Cola. The title is, Where will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project. More than just being a beverage company, I was inspired by COKE because i seldom see some companies doing the same kinds of deeds for others especially for our OFWs. It's an admirable act, a true work for their corporate social responsibility. In the said video, three workers overseas were given the opportunity to see their loved ones in the Philippines, just in time for the yuletide season. It's really heart-warming, touching and very sentimental. I can really relate because I was alone and away from my mom as well for a year when I started my fashion internship here in SG. I know how difficult life is being far from them. I was touched by the story of a dad who was not able to take care of his son since he was one year old because the father need to go and work abroad.

I guess this an advocacy that we should support and we should be proud of. More than just a thirst-quencher and being our Star in Noche Buena, (Filipino Christmas won't be complete without Coke) it has paved the way to gather and unify all Filipinos worldwide. It might just be a simple ad but it means a lot and it has given us the true significance of Family and Christmas. I am happy that in my own simple way, I was one of the first to share the video to my friends in Facebook. I received a lot of positive responses and it's overwhelming.

Kudos COKE and continue to TOUCH more LIVES! LIVE POSITIVELY

Here's The Touching Video :