Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love on the 29th Day

1 March 2012

In My bed, 
Waiting for Dinner
City of Smiles
Pearl of the Orient Seas

There will always be someone that will leave a mark in your heart, someone that you will always remember,forever.

I was about to make a blog post last night. I tried to promise myself that I will do my best to keep my blog updated. Due to school constraints, I need to prioritize my academics first since this will be the last week of my lectures. Although most of the time I am too lazy to do the necessary tasks, still I need to do it or else I will be stuck for another semester or summer classes. Despite the boredom that studying and doing projects are contributing, I still find it beneficial.

29th. It will always be the most memorable day in my calendar. I celebrate every 29th of the month because it is the date when I reached Singapore and started my life there. Every 29th, I usually treat myself and dine somewhere else, especially to those places in Orchard. The one that I usually remember would be LJS, Long John Silver’s. It is my favorite and I am dying now at this very moment to taste their Combo meals, especially their chicken. 29th is quite my favorite, I usually roam around Orchard Road and have some window shopping. I definitely miss the views and window displays in Paragon, Tangs, Ngee Ann City and ION. I really love those moments when I am still there and up to now, my heart belongs to that country.

I guess the most special 29th day in my calendar was August last year. As much as I want to detail everything but I need to keep some. Others might consider me as pathetic but I just can’t help but to reminisce everything. It was I guess the happiest day in my life, and the saddest moment after few days. It’s like Alpha and Omega combined in one night. I was not working on that date, and I was a bit sick. Oh yeah, I was really sick then. The night before the 29th, I was exchanging SMS with a guy, someone I just happened to know in an online SNS. Being too choosy, I was not certain if I will say yes to him since I don’t really like the image I saw in his profile. But when he started sending messages, it seems that he immediately caught my attention with his wit and jargons, it seems that he’s not just a mere guy out there. Then I said Yes, I’ll be meeting you tomorrow, sms me where and what time J. Too bad, my top-up for Starhub got expired and I was not able to sms him the next day. Good thing he’s online on that site and I agreed to meet him at Newton MRT, 3:30, Singapore Time. But sorry, I’m a Filipino so I was late.

As I was riding the train at Novena, I have doubts of meeting that guy. And a million what-ifs were playing on my mind. Heartbeats were not that normal, I was really scared. Although this was not the first time that I’ll be dating still I was unease. I guess in every guy that I want to date; I usually set quite high or above average standards. Well I guess it’s just a reality for me. I may not have that picturesque or celebrity-like face and contour but I guess it is safe to say that I’m pretty above average. I don’t want to boast but I guess a lot of guys have tried to ask me out. One stop away from Novena is Newton so he sent me SMS asking if I’m going to meet him. He said that he’s wearing green, sitting near the escalator. As the train reaches the next train station, I first tried to check who’s sitting near the vicinity. I saw two people, an Indian and a Chinese. I am still perplexed who among them will be my date. As I approached the area, this guy was staring at me, stands and introduced himself. He was nice, a geek-like because he was wearing specs and I was captured with his Armani scent. He’s not that hot but he’s cute, literally.

Seems like I don’t know his plans so I asked him where were heading to. He told me then that we will watch Cars. I remembered last night that he asked me whether I prefer horror or animated, and I said horror since I am not a fan of animated movies. We went straight to Cathay at Ang Mo Kio Hub, he told me then that he already booked our tickets. Impressive. While watching the entire film, we never even have the chance to do some naughty stuffs. I mean I don’t want to be a hypocrite but I want him to do some caressing gestures but it never happened. The film was entertaining; he kept on glancing at me every time. After that, we headed to Ang Mo Kio Market, in some stalls and tried to have some casual conversations while walking. He asked me if how old does he look like then I said with no hesitations, 27 and later found out that he’s only few months older than me. I can’t help but laugh but he really looks like mature, simply because he was wearing eyeglasses and the manner he talks. We don’t really have that interesting discussion so he asked me to finally join him for dinner.

It was around quarter to 7, we are waiting for a cab to fetch us. He does not have his driver license and still applying for it. We rode on a Silvercab heading to Holland Village. I am not familiar of the place, I never happened to drop by since the yellow line of trains are still under construction but as of this time, it’s open. The cab captain dropped us in a quite crowded area. We were like in a middle of a frenzy pool of people. The place looks like very Mediterranean, I can feel that I am in Spain though I have never been there and only know about Spain on different media.  He told me that we will be eating in a Spanish resto, and he asked me if do I have any food of preference. Of course, I uttered that I’m fine (he will be the one paying for it then). I saw a lot of Caucasians and I was intimidated, thank God because I am always mistaken as a Singaporean or Chinese. Well to be honest, Filipinos will really feel humiliated because of how the foreigners or even the locals would stereotype us. But still, at the end of the day, every single geographic area in this world has a Filipino, or a worker, except I guess for Antartic and North Pole. We entered La Nonna and I was surprised that the waiter asked, “Reservation for Mr. ______? Please come on in.” Wow, the table is reserved via Visa. Perfect!!!


Smarky D