Monday, October 10, 2011


5:29 AM
Jalan Novena Barat
Novena Court SG

Woke up as early as 5. Well it's a usual routine I guess for someone like me working in 7 am shifts. Just posted something, for a change since my last post was from 2nd of September I think.

Well, it has been a month and after those sleepless nights, long hours of crying over the phone and buckets of tears I shed, I guess I've learned enough from my experiences. I really hope that the same thing or misfortune in the aspect of love won't happen again.Okay, Not trying to be too dramatic huh! :)

Sun is up, and sunrise is a great symbol of a new chapter, new beginning in life. Everyday, i'm starting something so indeed, every single day, I keep myself on trying to become the better person that I want to be.

My body's looking for a special cup of coffee. I'm always used drinking Coffee Pateurized Milk. Now, I badly need a roasted one. Lemme see later on!
Okay, So have a great and awesome Tuesday ahead!

Stay positive guys!

Smarky D