Friday, July 22, 2011

The Unexpected Sojourn :)

10:48 PM
Jalan Novena Court, Novena Singapore

It has been three years since i posted my last blog in this site. My page was undeniably fragmented, (posts are not continuously managed), and I must admit that I'm not really a typical blogger. I am only one of those followers of famous names like Bryanboy and Susie Bubble in terms of fashion blogs. I always wished that hopefully, there will be a day that I could share my life to the world, to the nth number of individuals (how about billion people?) :)
Everyday, I would check out blogs and try to read all those being written there. Bloggers (in my viewpoint) are really oasis of social knowledge, providing up-to-date information, trends and events. They are influencing the minds and perceptions through their unparalleled thoughts and brilliant blog contexts. I must say that being a real/reel blogger status would be a difficult task for me to attain but well, I'm giving my best shot then.
Three years and my memory is kinda' vague? What has transpired during those years? Before I enjoyed the opportunity to be here in Singapore, I was once a struggling person back in the past. This blog won't be able to showcase all my experiences for those three years back when I was still an individual that was too far from what I am now.
It's not that I've changed a lot but I guess I have morphed into another persona. Once I was so simple, a man that has nothing but "ambitions" in his life. Yes, and I am emphasizing those ambitions because without those illusions and daydreaming, I won't be motivated to pursue what I desire. I'm too thankful because it's just that everything now seems not to be so true, I'm still in the transition part that I wasn't really able to grasp what's happening to me right now. Nevertheless, I am the most grateful person on earth because everything seems to go along with me. All those things and experiences paved the way for me to take another milestone and to give me the strength to begin my "Unexpected Sojourn."
I'm just taking my first few steps...
and the next steps?