Sunday, July 24, 2011

Asia's Ultimate Dreamboy

He's definitely the hottest guy today. Meet Mario Maurer.

I think I was a froshie university student when I first heard his name. By that time, I was undeniably attracted by his charisma. I remembered when I was really persistent to watch episodes/sequences of his film "Love of Siam" via Youtube together with Pchy! And I'm really in love with the name "TONG". Love of Siam is undeniably one of the best films ever. A story of love between two young individuals of the same gender, but it was the most decent film showing how two persons of the same sex expressed their love to each other.

He made another big comeback via Crazy Little Thing Called Love (CLTCL) as Shone. He gained more fans after portraying another great character in the movie. He's undeniably a versatile actor plus the fact that he's a model, so most probably, he is the Ultimate Dreamboy of Asia.

Being away from the Philippines, I almost get my updates thru Twitter and CLTCL is really a certified Trending Topic! I always wished that Mario would visit Singapore as well.

Few weeks ago, I read tweets that he is going to endorse a Top-Philippine Clothing Label- PENSHOPPE. He's the Second International Celebrity after Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl) to promote the brand. So Filipinos, prepare for giant Mario Maurer Billboards in Guadalupe and EDSA! It's definitely confirmed!

Mario Maurer inked the contract this July 2011 and he's about to invade Philippines in the coming weeks. Penshoppe is at its peak now and they have their best PR Girl, the brilliant Joyce A. Ramirez, Director of Publicity Asia. "MINIONS" are increasing in numbers and undeniably, Penshoppe is gaining worldwide publicity! Kudos to PR ASIA!!

Fans are very ecstatic to see Mario Maurer in Silver Screen! According to latest update via @publicityasia , he is about to star in a film of Star Cinema. Possible names to be his leading lady would be ABS-CBN's top female actresses: Kim Chiu, Erich Gonzales, Sarah Geronimo, Anne Curtis and Angel Locsin. Well, Kapamilyas, my top choices would be Kim, Erich and Sarah! How about yours?

and Erich has just trend worldwide, definitely a sign that she might be the next Mario Maurer love interest!!!

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Mario Maurer Fever is ON!!!

He deserves to be called as Asia's Ultimate Dreamboy

Smarky D,