Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Majulah Singapura! The National Day Parade 2011

11:43 PM
JLN Barat Novena Singapore

After the frenzy crowd, at last I'm here in my apartment.
The queue was pretty hilarious!!! I and girlfriends Kat and Pau need to walk and find our way to entrance and exit gates! The police is indeed strict so we need to abide with the rules. We're kinda' envious with their goodies, Majulah printed totes and umbrellas!!!!

Today was indeed a memorable day for all my friends and all the people here in Singapore.

9 August 2011 marks their 46th National Day, an annual event celebrated by Singaporeans.

Undeniably, NDP is one of the most anticipated events in Singapore's calendar since it recalls their independence, 46 years ago. From third to first world, Singapore is one of the robust economies in Asia. People from all folks and even tourists are celebrating with the S'poreans.

Red and White filled the entire atmosphere of the country today, almost all houses got their flags hanging outside their residences.

Red Shirts, White Balloons, Face Tattoos and all colors relevant to Singapore's National Day can be seen almost everywhere. Indeed it was a great day of showing pride and stability, of patriotism and unity. I must say that every single Singaporean must be proud that they are encompassed with a country considered to be one of the most developed and quoted to be the safest place in the world.

Well, I then remembered before I came here that even though you'll have your IPhone or Blackberry lost somewhere, for sure it will be returned promptly.

It simply shows that they are really disciplined and law-abiding individuals. They're passion for work and progress is really impressive.

Not only that, I really love the fact that the three races, Chinese, Malay and Indians are full force and united for one nationalistic cause! It means a lot! It's a convergence of culture and traditions but they were able to blend it into one perfect harmony!

Congratulations again for another spectacular showcase today! It was really amazing and unparalleled!!!

Majulah Singapura!!!
So shook lei!

Happy Birthday and More Birthdays to Come!!!!



p.s. : credits to owners of images via google.com.sg